Our service includes; 40 Euro PP (Cash Only)

Washing, peeling(scrubbing), and soap massage
Lockable changing rooms
Towel (pestemal) / wrap for men
Bra & shorts for women
Slippers (takunya)
The entire hamam experience will last 90 minutes.

The hamam has always been heated only by natural oak wood fires. Since 1550 for 24 Hours

No. You can pay only with cash (Turkish Lira ,Euro and Dollars). Note: We do not accept credit cards.

No, We provide everything. If preffered, bring your own bathing suit.

Yes, they are all very well trained.

The entire hammam experience will last 90 minutes.

We are open everyday (include weekends) from 10:00 and 22:00 the last entry is 20:00. 

Yes we are open everyday. 7 days a week .(Holidays,Christmas,Easter-Paskalya.. etc)

Yes, you can. But we don`t accept 0-6 years old children into the hamam.

You can make reservation with children between 11:00 and 15:00.

We accept just to 2 months.Up to 2 months we do not recommend to use Hamam.

Yes there are hair dryers. You can use free of charge.

It is located in a 450 year historical building desinged by the famous arquitect Sinan. You can feel that time is back to the Ottoman period, when you take a bath here.